Here at Canine Pantry, we believe that you are what you eat. That is why we are passionate about providing natural, real ingredients that you understand to your canine companions. 

As parents of Igloo, we have encountered several problems with feeding commercial kibble to her. Igloo faced multiple allergies such as itchy, sensitive skin, upset stomachs, teary eyes and various eye conditions. This caused her to pay frequent visits to the vet. Despite switching from various brands of kibble, some of her condition persisted. 

We began researching on alternative diets for dogs. The benefits of feeding natural ingredients to dogs called out to us as we were able to control the ingredients that are going into her meals. This means, no highly processed meat, junky fillers and going through countless dog food labels.


We decided to transition Igloo to fresh home-made meals, free from common allergens such as soy, corn and wheat. We used an animal nutritional software based on AAFCO standards to ensure that her meals were meeting the nutritional requirements. 

Thankfully, Igloo's condition slowly improved. There was lesser scratching of her skin and ears, and she had clearer eyes. Her significantly smaller poops were a sign that she was absorbing the nutrients from her food better than before.

We know that not all parents have the luxury of prepping fresh meals daily for our furry ones. Most settle for commercial kibble due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Hence, we would like to offer all pawrents nutritious, yet affordable meals made with real, natural and simple ingredients that you can understand for your furry ones. We believe that fresh is the way to build a healthy, happy pup!