Transitioning Your Pup

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Day 1-3

To start of, you may want to feed 1/4 of our formula together with your pup's current food.

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Day 4-6

Gradually increase the portion to 1/2 of our formula.

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Day 7-9

Increase the portion to 3/4 of our formula.


Your pup should be ready to transition to our meals from here on. As soft stools are a common occurrence when your pup switches from commercial foods to freshly made meals, adjust the portions accordingly to your pup's comfort level.


For Adult Dogs

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These recommendations are formulated for dogs that have activity levels that are normal to less active. These recommendations should be used as a guide only.


Do keep in mind that a dog’s nutritional requirements depend on many factors including the breed, activity level and age. The amount of food should be adjusted accordingly, for example, if your dog is very active, if your dog is overweight/underweight, if your dog receives treats during the day. 

After you have started feeding your dog on our diet, weigh your dog at least once a month to determine if you are on the right track. If necessary, increase or decrease the amount of food until your dog stays at his or her ideal weight. You may consult your veterinarian if you are unsure about your dog's ideal weight.